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The Glacier Grip sheepskin coat from PEAUCRAFTERS blends the best qualities of leather, fur, and wool into one outstanding garment.
Sheepskin naturally maintains body heat and wicks sweat away from your skin, keeping you comfortable and dry in a variety of climates.
Sheepskin is naturally water resistant because it is a thermally regulating material.
Sheepskin Glacier Grip leather is known for its breathability and moisture-wicking characteristics, which keep the body temperature stable regardless of environmental temperature fluctuations.
Sheepskin coats are available in a range of fashionable styles that feature figure-flattering lines, gorgeous shapes, and fashionable details such as fur trim, draped collars, belted waists, and so on.
Workmanship is flawless: computerized pattern design, drapery cutting, immaculate sewing, absolutely flat.
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Step up your outerwear game with our Glacier Grip shearling coat. Crafted from genuine leather, it offers both durability and timeless style.

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  • Collar Design: Its selects tailored collar design, slightly open neckline, fur is extremely thick! Shoulder: Tight stitching workmanship, high quality leather material, special sewing workmanship.
  • Lining: lamb fur can offer you great warmth; the winter will no longer be cold.
  • Shoulder: Shoulder cutting is compact; high quality; excellent close-fitting effect.
  • Pocket Design: lamb fur with pocket design adds more fashion sense to it; during the cold winter, you can shove your hands in the pockets, fully functional.
  • Sleeve Cuff: When you turn over the sleeve cuff, you can see the fur lining in sleeve, lamb fur is thick and delicate, excellent to keep you warm.
  • Button Design: Button design is one of the highlights, it adopts leather buckle which feels nice and greatly increases the longevity.
  • Bottom Show: The whole bottom feels clean and agile, handsome and cool; a kind of urban fashion sense comes along at once.

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